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Girl having upper braces adjusted
Teenager girl wearing braces

Many parents asked, when is a good time to start my adolescent child braces?  The adolescent age is by far the most popular and best time to treat most malocclusions.  Adolescent patients make up the largest proportion of active patients in our orthodontic practice.  In general, orthodontic problems tend to worsen with dental development and do not self-correct with age.  Therefore,  it is much easier and way more efficient to treat many orthodontic problems during adolescence because the permanent teeth have just erupted and the body is still growing rapidly at this time allowing orthodontists the opportunity to expand the dental arches as needed to correct dental crowding.  Teenagers are also now keenly aware of their smiles and are very conscious about their self appearance in front of their peers. Luckily, their peers are also going through the same issues and if treatment is indicated, your teenage child is not alone in getting orthodontic treatment.  Our teenaged patients find that when their treatment is done, they will have a smile that they can be proud of, and the benefits will last a lifetime! It will boost their self-esteem and confidence that help them succeed in life.  The traditional metal braces work best for the majority of teen patients.  Under certain circumstances, clear braces or Invisalign Teen could be used.  Dr. Tran is a certified provider in Invisalign Teen and traditional Invisalign.

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